Friday, September 11, 2015

Windward House

Hello My friends!

Here are a few pictures that many of you have already stay tuned for new ones soon.

This is the lower front of the house in its rough state.  I have done a stone finish and will be aging it.
We drew the railings in AutoCAD on the computer and had them laser cut.  I have found a local company that does Photo Etching and I plan to have more intricate French style railings made for all the windows and balconies. Thank you Jean Claude for posting that wonderful French foundry source!

This is a view of the upper floors also rough..........The house is my own original design. 

                                                 This is an overall view of the house.

This series of pictures shows how I built the center hall staircase. I built all the components outside the house and then inserted them into the space.  The faux marble floor is wallpaper. I cut and fitted each piece and then sprayed with lacquer to seal and give a satin sheen.

This is the nearly finished Entry Staircase and Railing. This Railing is one that I made from copper and brass wire, and jewelry findings all soldered together flat over a pattern. Once the railing was complete I cleaned and painted it and the used a large wooden dowel to roll the Railing around to achieve the curved shape.

This is the Dining Room to the right of the Entry Stair Hall.  I did Versailles Parquet in cherry wood for this room.  I drew the entire pattern in AutoCAD on my computer and then plotted the entire space on paper.  I glued this pattern to a thin card base in the shape of the room and then cut and fitted each and every piece.

This is the view from the Dining Room looking through the Butler's Pantry into the Kitchen beyond.

This last picture is another view of the Dining Room so you can have a better idea of  the sight lines of the Entry Stair Hall and Butler's Pantry in the rear.

Thank you to everyone who looks at my work. Though silent......I have been enjoying my many blog friends work over the months.  This last weekend I had the privilege of a visit from my dear friends
Giac and Jo!  Yes.........Late Victorian English Manor Dollhouse: 1/12 Miniatures from Scratch, was with us for the entire weekend and of course we did Minis!   They are dear and talented friends and we were honored to have them visit on their Anniversary!

Until next time........